The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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2018-06-01 11:18:33 No. 32456344
Yes. Let him out. I'm uneasy about the whole "going back to work" thing though. He's not ours for one thing, and giving him any access to his magic at all I think is asking for trouble. Just let Cadance show him around, show him more of the camp, let him see his daughter, etc. That horn suppressor stays on at all times until he's back with his real owner though.

2018-06-01 11:43:50 No. 32456463
It makes sense to be as diplomatic with Shining Armor as possible here. Let him out, let him see the whole camp, but the main priority here is letting him spend time with his family.

THAT was the whole reason he ran away and acted in a dangerous manner in the first place. Frankly, fuck his opinion of our business and the camp over all. Literally the only thing that matters here is convincing him that this is a place his wife and daughter are relatively safe, to make sure we never see his white hairy ass again after he's sent back.

2018-06-02 01:33:16 No. 32456830
You know, I think Shining and Cadance also need to use their time alone to discuss something else: that is, if shit hits the fan and she desperately needed a way to get Flurry out of this place, would they use the escape plan to have her sent to him somehow? Would their daughter be safe with her father and his Master? Would ShinyAnon stick his neck out for a couple of pony slaves to keep his slave's daughter safe - to prove to him that he IS more than just a slave to him?

!F9CBa509ak 2018-06-05 10:01:57 No. 32476165

"Alright. Then, Cadance - he's yours to look after. A guard will come to take your chains off."
> "Thank you, Master."
> Shining merely huffs at hearing her call you that.
"I'll go see to Flurry, coax her out. Megan will probably want to come along, initially anyway. Oh, and Shining-"
> You stand, dusting off your pants again.
"I just want to be clear about this. You will be going back to your owner eventually; I'll be making that phone call pretty soon, and you should probably be a part of it."
> "Do... do I..."
"You have to, yes. Even if this was somewhere you wanted to stay, I can't legally keep you around. In fact, since I found out who you are I could be charged with receiving a stolen pony if I drag my heels."
> This produces another soft huff from the stallion.
> But also a nod of understanding.
> Turning for the door, you wave a hand in a goodbye.
"Good. Honestly... you two enjoy your time.together, okay? Cadance, tell me if you need a little bit of time off."
> Back in the manor, you have another issue to tend to.
> Megan had claimed one of the house-ponies' quarters as her own room while repairs were being done.
> Aside from giving her and Flurry a proper room, it kept them well within the house - where they would be safer.
> The displaced ponies were merely bunking in one of the other rooms.
> Marching downstairs, you tap the door to their 'room' and call through the door:
"Megan, sweetheart? Can I come in?"
> It is not your daughter who answers.
> "One moment, Master. Mistress Megan is - um - oh, you can come in now."
> You do, to find Megan struggling to fit her arms into her pajamas.
"Hey there, sweetheart. Getting ready for bed already? It's early."
> "Just felt like it."
"You didn't want to go out and play a bit?"
> "Nah. It's okay, Daddy."
> Willpower alone keeps the frown off your face.
> Still so nervous about going outside...
"Well, okay then."
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