The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Sitting on one of the room's beds - there were two of them, but only one showed signs of actual use - you wave both girl and filly to your side.
> They're all too happy to come, Megan curling up beneath your left arm while Flurry settles under your right.
> You muss both their heads fondly.
"That's my girls."
> "Is something wrong, daddy?"
> Huh.
> They were astute girls.
"...not wrong, but there is something I need to talk to the both of you about. Flurry Heart, you father, Shining Armor - you know he is still here? Until it's time to send him home."
> Given how she is curled against your rubs, you can feel her instantaneously stiffen.
> "Yes, Master."
"Well... he'd like to see you. He's out of the cell now, with your mother."
> No answer is given to this, although Megan reaches out across your chest to squeeze Flurry's hoof.
"Now, I won't force you to. Hell, I can't force you to. But... I think it would be good if you at least tried. Cadance will be there, of course."
> "Is he angry at me, Master?"
"No, Flurry. I've told you that before."
> Leaning over, you place a soft kiss atop her head directly between the ears.
> It earns you an earflick and comforted nicker.
"If anything, I think he's a little scared too right now."
> "Is momma angry at him?"
"I... maybe. Just a little. But she's mostly happy to see him back."
> "Then why didn't he want to talk to me before?"
> Shit.
> You don't know how to answer this.
> As if to say what you couldn't, Megan speaks up:
> "Well, I am angry with him! He should have. That's what they're always telling me at school: Don't hit when you're mad. Use your words. He didn't."
"...yes. He didn't use his words at all. And maybe we're all a little bit mad at him too. Even you, Flurry. You're allowed to be mad at him."
> "So mad that I don't want to see him at all?"
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