The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"So mad that if you don't want to talk to him, you don't have to. That's allowed. But, that's not using your words is it? Maybe you should tell him - nicely - and then hear what he has to say too, hmm?"
> She doesn't look convinced, and you sigh as you run fingers through her mane.
"Just once at least, Flurry. Then no more. Can you do that for me?"
> With another squeeze from Megan's hand buoying her spirits, Flurry nods at last.
> "Mmmk. I'll... I'll do that."

> The walk back to your quarters is possibly one of the most tense moments you can remember.
> At the very least, the most tense moment in a very long time.
> Shining Armor walks at your side; not so close as to share affection, but not so distant as to obviously show a rift between you.
> He keeps his head up, looking around, as if examining the camp with new eyes.
> And really, he almost is.
> For the first time he isn't an agent or rebel, infiltrating to discover the truth or retrieve his daughter from some hell.
> He is examining it with a more open point of view.
> You, too, are watching - but for entirely different reasons.
> It is the ponies that you are looking at, trying to see their reaction to Shining Armor appearing at your side.
> Free from chains, yes, but scarred and his horn still capped with the restrictor ring.
> Some of your herd gaze on him with expressions of relief, even joy:
> Here was another Equestrian royal, alive and un-broken, even at your side again.
> A triumph!
> From the way some of them look, perhaps even a miracle!
> For others, you see not elation but a deep, deep sadness.
> It is not difficult to understand why:
> The same facts, taken from a different perspective.
> Here was another of Equestria's royal family, trapped in slavery as well.
> Another chance at somepony who might eventually spearhead a march to freedom, captured.
> In some, you even see anger.
> Over what had been done to him, or merely that another of your family had appeared in the camp?
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