The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Hard to tell.
> Much like Shining Armor's perspective had changed with time, you only hope their consideration of the topic does as well.
> The door to your quarters shuts behind the two of you with a soft click.
> For the first time in what feels an eternity you are actually alone with your husband.
> No threat of being interrupted at a moment's notice.
> He is looking about as well, studying your modest quarters with the face of one who had somehow expected more.
"I told you... it isn't much at all. I have a private bathroom, instead of one of the communal ones. That's about as much luxury as I've taken."
> "I see."
"Would you like to wash up? It must have been a while since..."
> "Yeah, I... that'd be nice."
"Come. I'll show you."
> As is typical, it takes a few moments for the water to rise from icy to lukewarm.
> The heaters never were sufficient for the task...
> Shining tests it with a hoof, then carefully steps beneath.
"Here. I have some good shampoos; that should get some of the gunk out of your coat-"
> "Cadance."
> That one word brings you to a screeching halt.
> From his place in the shower, mane and coat now slick with water, Shining looks at you with a guarded expression.
> "Why are you doing this?"
"Doing what?"
> "Pretending everything will just be..."
> He pauses, searching for the word.
> "...domestic. Between us."
> The denial dies in your throat.
> It was what you were trying for, wasn't it?
> Domesticity.
> Pretending everything was okay again.
> Seeing his point made, Shining Armor's eyes fall to the bathroom floor, to water pooling and running to the drain.
> "I'm sorry. I shouldn't take your dream. But I can't lie either. It's - hard for me. To forget everything that you're doing."
"But you said-"
> "I understand you're not a monster, Cadance. But I can't just pretend it isn't, either."
> You look away.
"I understand. I'll... leave you be, then."
> Retreating from the bathroom, you head for the bed in long, slow steps.
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