The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> A few minutes later, though-
> "Cady?"
> His pet name for you, and that tone...
> Ears pricked, you turn back.
> Still standing in the shower, Shining tilts his head and offers a small smile.
> "I... can't wash myself very well with this ring on. Could you...?"
> It is a lie; even with the ring, he is more than capable of a simple wash.
> But more importantly, it is a peace offering.
> With a smile, you slip back into the shower.
"May I...?"
> "Yes."
> Stepping in, you take the bottle in your magic and squirt out a dollop into his mane - tracing a thinner line down his back.
> His body has not gone to waste during his bondage - still every bit the muscular stallion you remember.
> Shining shivers softly at the cold goop landing in his fur, but gives a soft and happy sigh when you dig your hooves in to massage the stuff in with careful, slow motions.
> The slow, luxurious motions are as much for your own benefit as for his:
> This is the first time in so long you have been able to spend with him, and very well may be the last for at least as long.
> Nor for pleasure alone; your heart breaks each time you feel the rough crest of a scar beneath your hooves.
> Truly, Shining Armor must have suffered many times what you did.
> And despite the memories they must bring, Shining Armor seems to be managing to enjoy things as well.
> His head sinks, soon followed by his shoulders, until he is leaning almost far enough over to fall.
> A soft, happy nicker escapes his lips, followed by a long and happy sigh.
> "Perhaps... I can pretend for just a bit."
> You smile too.
> Smile, and keep rubbing until his entire body is covered in soap foam and his mane - the ragged, lanky thing he had used to hide the core of his disguise - literally drenched in suds.
> "Please."
> Rather than light your horn, you extend a wing out to deflect the water onto him in a cleansing spray.
> Shining's head rises back up into the spray.
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