The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> With your magic you haul over a pair of towels to dry you both; it takes little time to wrap him up in them.
"Come. Let's get you into a proper bed."
> You don't even need to lead him on, but it is clear that something is still bothering him.
"Shining? What is it?"
> "I..."
> He jumps onto the bed, settling down onto his side, but still looks away.
> "I don't know if I want to go. My owner... he's a decent guy, but he's going to be angry. Really angry. Will probably take my magic away again."
"Is it really just your magic, love?"
> "No..."
> His head bows again, eyes half-closed in contemplation.
> "I - I thought I'd lost you. Now I've found you again and I'm told I just have to go home? He'll never let me out again!"
> Climbing up beside him, you stretch a wing across his back and let him leans his head into your chest.
> "I don't belong here. You don't either, but I really don't... but I can't just leave you behind again! I left you and Flurry Heart in the Crystal Empire and lost you both then; I can't just go now! I might never see you-"
> He cuts off, breathing hard.

What do we tell him? Are we in a position to make promises to see him again?
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