The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Shining... I think we both know you cannot stay."
> The admission draws a shaky huff from him.
> You wrap both your wings around him, cocooning Shining Armor in a feathery blanket.
"You said yourself this is not a place where you can fit in. I understand that. I - I wish you could."
> Muzzle sinking into his mane, you breath deep and hard - taking in his scent and relishing in it.
"And besides: Your master cares for you, does he not? From what you have told me."
> "Yes. He does."
> Shining sighs heavily, shifting beneath you.
"It would break his heart if you didn't come back. Do you really think he is going to punish you that severely?"
> "I don't know. He..."
> Trailing off into a low mumble, Shining utters something beneath his breath.
"If you don't want to tell me-"
> "He's taken a belt to my rump a couple times, okay?"
> Your soft gasp draws a prompt shake of his head.
> "It's - he's not cruel. It's a lot less even the lighter whippings. He can be stern, but yeah... he does care."
"So... he will not lock you up forever. Or torture you. And knowing what he does about this place, would your owner ever let you stay?"
> "No. It'd destroy Gracie if I didn't come back, though."
> Gracie.
> His own human child he'd grown attached to.
"Yes. You have others relying on you now, remember."
> "Not to mention, it'd crush Corona as well."
> Corona.
> You had forgotten her.
> Possibly on purpose.
> Shifting around, you slip your wings beneath his chin and lift Shining's head to face yours.
> His eyes are still so rich, so alive with light despite all he suffered.
"But I can promise you this:"
> Leaning forward, you press your forehead and nose against his - both your horns turned slightly aside to brush past each other.
"We will never lose each other again. You may go home, but you will not be walking away from me. We can speak by video, by telephone, by visit. We might be apart, but we will never be separated."
> "It's... not the same."
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