The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> He's desperately trying not to sound whiny.
"I know. But what other option is there? Righting this is going to take time, effort, and sacrifice for the both of us, Shining."
> "What if he's hurt? Or he can't afford to keep us? Or-"
"Then we will see. We will face that trial then. But we cannot be paralyzed with fear now."
> Eyes falling, he mutters:
> "We shouldn't have to sacrifice our family."
> You bring them back up with a kiss to the tip of his muzzle.
"Never stop saying that, Shining Armor. Never let go what is right. You are the strength I don't have."
> Huffing softly, he looks aside instead.
> But you can see the red color invading his cheeks.
"I will bow and beg Anonymous shamelessly, if that is what it takes to see you. I don't think it will, though."
> "Really?"
"He... his heart is truly moved by seeing our separation, I think. His wife is - moved on, and it pains both him and Megan. He knows it pains Megan too."
> "Someone married that?!"
> The exclamation of genuine surprise draws a roll from your eyes.
"From what Megan has told me, he is the better of the two."
> "Well. Monsters do find comfort with monsters."
"Shining Armor!"
> "What? He may be 'getting better', but he is still a slaver. And even you cannot say he wasn’t a monster before."
"The point is, Anonymous will be sympathetic. And from what you have told me of your owner, he will be too. Be strong, my Armor."
> "He is. I know he is. Even with how stern he can be, he really does care. He took me and Corona in, after all."
"So he did."
> Releasing Shining, you opt to lay down beside him instead.
> It takes no urging for him to slip his legs around you - wrapping himself around your barrel and flanks, resting his head beside yours.
"Shining? What is she like now?"
> "Passionate. Vivid. Lively... like her name. Timid sometimes still, but she's learning to overcome that. If I respect my owner, she loves him."
> Now it is your to release a breath of relief, ribs shaking as you do.
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