The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> She hadn't been permanently crippled - destroyed - by her trial.
> "She’s hurt. Maimed in more ways than one. The nightmares still come; sometimes about here, sometimes about when she had her mark taken off. Sometimes about Merribelle."
> As if in confirmation of you recognizing that name, a soft 'oh' utters from your throat.
> "And even some things during the day... he used something electrical on her. Just a pop is enough to get her breathing hard; if there's a buzz or something..."
> Your emotions plunge straight back down, drawing a whimper from your lips.
> "Cadance... why was it her?"
"She was - strong. In mind and body. One of the strongest who'd come back. I thought she could stand what he would do better than somepony else. I thought he'd exact something on her, then let her go. I never thought he'd - he'd-"
> Although you cannot go on, Shining Armor continues to hold you between his legs.
> Now the situation from before is reversed:
> It is he who is sheltering your shaking, trembling form.
"F-Forgive me, Shining Armor. I didn't know what to do, I thought it would be over once and then we could just... I don't know."
> Eventually he nuzzles your ear again.
> "I can't understand how you defend someone who did that. But I do admit, you had no better choice."
> Your voice is small and weak now.
"I w-want to ask you something. You - you were the one who was relaying our messages to the outside, right?"
> "Yes. I was. To the people who helped me get in."
"Then you know about the plan. You were going to use the plan to get out."
> "I was."
"I told Sunburst to start that plan in case Anonymous ever became that monster again. If - if that day ever comes, could I send Flurry Heart to you?"
> Digesting this requests takes him several long moments.
> Moments during which he is all but still.
> "You - would trust Flurry with me? With Corona?"
> Disbelief mixes with shock in his tone.
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