The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"If it gets to that point, then I will have been wrong and you right all along."
> Shining's limbs tighten around you - a wordless recognition of what you had just admitted.
> "I... I don't think so. My Master once said that he wouldn't shelter a fugitive pony."
"But Corona-"
> "Had taken measures to - conceal herself. An alicorn is difficult to hide."
> You shudder, remembering what he had said Corona had done to her cutie marks.
> "Maybe if her life were in danger. Maybe."
"I will consider it as a last resort, then."
> Another soft squeeze from Shining Armor is accompanied by a nuzzle into the back of your head.
> "Thank you, Cady. For even thinking of me that way."
> Smiling, you twist aside to place one last kiss on his cheek.
"Whatever has happened to us, you are still my Shining Armor. Rest now; you deserve it."
> And he does.
> Soundly, despite having little else to do but think and rest in his cell already.
> That does not stop the stallion from spending the night dead asleep beside you, a comforting presence against your coat.
> You, though?
> Another story entirely.
> Perhaps it was having another in your bed - although that could not be it; to your shame, you had slept plenty well beside Anonymous in the past.
> No, it was Shining.
> Having him here.
> Something about that disrupted your sleep.
> Worry about losing him again, despite what you had told him?
> Or is it just the presence of another pony in here, as opposed to Anonymous' room?
> You don't know.
> In the end, you get only a few hours of sleep.
> Waking up beside Shining Armor, however, makes you instantly forget any malaise.
> It is a reassurance that this miracle is not a fantasy.
> He is alive.
> He is here.
> He does not hate you.
> Unbidden, your eyes begin to dampen again as you watch him breath softly in his sleep.
> When Shining stirs and rises, his eyes immediately go wide.
> "Cady? What's wrong?"
"N-Nothing. I'm - I just can't - it's really you."
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