The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Leaning in, he brushes his lips against your forehead.
> "Yes, Cady. It is."
> ...
> Which is more surprising - that Anonymous had actually asked Flurry Heart to see Shining in the first place, or that he had arranged for it out in the camp as opposed to his home?
> You don't know, but you are glad for each:
> What might otherwise have been an awkward confrontation amid the luxury of his home was now done in yours.
> Not that it makes Shining any less nervous.
> He paces in circles; path echoing the one you had often worn into the floor when turning some difficult issue over in your head.
"Shining. I swear, this will not be as bad as you think it will."
> "But after what happened before-"
"She will remember you, love."
> "Maybe. But I don't think-"
> The door to your quarters pops open, and you quickly spin to face it.
"Hello, Flurry. Why don't you come-"
> But it isn't Flurry.
> It is Megan - the young girl filling the doorway with her arms hunched defensively at her side.
> Oh, wait; now you see your daughter:
> Huddled behind those arms, one great aquamarine eye peeking around her mistress' side.
"Will you come in?"
> Looking around for her target, Megan first raises a finger to point straight at at Shining Armor's nose.
> "You can't hurt her. Okay? I won't let you. Flurry stood up to you, and I will too!"
> Breath freezes in your throat; this wasn't how you'd wanted it to start at all.
> Rather than anger, however, Shining Armor seems to look at her with some degree of sadness or regret.
> "I won't hurt anyone. Or anypony. I swear."
> As if to prove the point, he drops to his belly and points to his suppressed horn.
> "See? I can't do magic right now."
> "Good!"
> Marching straight up to him, her little hands balled into little fists, Megan all but pushes herself straight into Shining Armor's muzzle.
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