The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "You - you great big idiot! Do you know how much you scared Flurry?! What did you think you were doing?! Don't you know to talk to someone when you're angry with them? Didn't anyone ever teach you that?"
"Megan. Please."
> "I was so scared."
> Her hands fall back to her sides, shoulders slumping and golden curls bouncing.
> "Flurry was scared! Why couldn't you have told her this? Why did you have to come in? Why?!"
> "It wasn't her. It was you. I didn't think you would let her go."
> "Well, you can't!"
> Back up come the hands, echoing the hiccup in Megan's voice.
> "You can't have her! Flurry Heart is mine and I will protect her."
> Shining hesitates, then lowers his head.
> "May I speak to my daughter? Please?"
"Speaking is all he will do, Megan. I will see to that."
> While she still looks uncertain, a choice is made for her:
> Flurry creeps from the doorway, advancing on cautious hooves, to stand before the father she has not seen for years.
> Each step taken in a slow, measured pace until she is close enough for him to reach out a shaking hoof.
> "H-Hey there, little gem..."
> "Why did you go away?"
> A tone so accusing, so bitter that even you are shocked.
> "Why didn't you stay with me? You could have stopped them! You should have stopped them! They took me away, away from you and momma and everypony I knew, and they stopped giving me food, and I was so hungry and sick and scared and wondering where you were and-"
> The words pour forth in a torrent, her wings spreading to a width that nearly echoes your own by now despite her smaller frame.
> Shining Armor accepts the attack without defense, his head falling and mane cascading down over his eyes.
> "I wasn't strong enough, Flurry. They ambushed me while I was sleeping, caught me when I couldn't fight. They put me away somewhere - somewhere very bad. And I couldn't - I couldn't come for so long."
> "Then why did you sneak in-?!"
> Turning his head aside, he sighs heavily.
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