The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "I... I was a stupid pony. The places where I was, they hurt me very, very badly. And I heard that this was a place like that, so I thought they were hurting you. I thought I had to take you, or there wouldn't ever be another chance..."
> "Never! I would never hurt Flurry!"
> Brushing forward, eyes alight with anger, Megan wraps both her arms protectively around the filly's neck.
> "She belongs to me! That means I look after her-"
> "Where I had been - what I had heard about here - 'belonging' meant... meant like a pony would have to accept being hurt by someone. They would have to bow and beg all the time even though they were being hurt, and if they didn't they would only be hurt more. And then I heard that you were supposed to be learning to help run things here, I thought you were going to be made to hurt other ponies..."
> Pulling herself as upright as she can, Flurry Heart hisses out:
> "Mistress Megan has never hurt me."
> Despite flinching at ‘Mistress’, Shining nods.
> "I... I know now. But I didn't then. So I thought - I thought if I dared say anything, you would try to make me 'belong' like that too. I thought you, or your father, would hurt me too."
> He neglects to mention your role in that 'hurting'.
> Megan is frowning, though.
> "I don't get it. Why would you ever think that? Didn't you see anything? Dad is good to ponies! Why would you ever think any of us would hurt Flurry like that? Are you like the ponies who hurt Mocha Cream?"
> Shining freezes, choking on his next words.
> "Your father - he -"
> Pleadingly, he looks to you.
> You understand what he is stuck on:
> Her father had made it quite clear; no putting ideas of rebellion in Flurry Heart's head, let alone Megan's.

How much of the background do we explain to them now? How do we present it? Do we let them in on what happened to Corona? Admit some of the other cruelties that used to be in the camp? Enlighten her to what happens to ponies outside her daddy's little bubble?
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