The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Megan, come here a moment?"
> She does, if a touch hesitantly.
> You bring her around to Shining Armor's side.
> One wing stretches out to brush the deep scars littering his back.
"Do you see this, dear? Do you know what causes this?"
> Her head is shaken just a little bit too quickly.
> You suspect she has an idea.
"In some places, Megan, people aren't so kind. In some places... the punishments are much, much worse than what we do here."
> "When you whip a pony, is that what it does?"
> So she did know.
"If you are harsh. Your father once whipped me quite hard-"
> Shining shifts, but the slightest pressure from your wing keeps him firmly in place.
" -but it did not leave scars like that. In those places, Megan, it is both harsher and happens more often. Do you remember when you said Thunderlane had to do what you wanted, just because her was a slave?"
> "Uh-huh. When daddy spanked me."
"Well, in some other camps nobody would have stopped you. And he would have been whipped for not bowing and agreeing immediately."
> You can see her turning this over in her head.
> Weighing the basic desire to have had him do what she wanted, over her empathy for the ponies she knew day in and out.
> In the midst of this, Shining Armor speaks up again:
> "Most humans I'd known, especially most slave-owners, were like this. They didn't care if their ponies were happy. They just wanted us to obey, and hurt us when we wouldn't. The only ones who weren't hurt were the ones who were helping them hurt other ponies."
> A frown has begun to creep across Megan's face, as she ponders this.
> Victory!
> "Especially people who owned large camps like this... they were all like that. Preferring ponies who were too beaten-down to object. I heard this place was like that, and I couldn't leave Flurry Heart in a place like that."
> "Why would anyone do that?!"
> Reaching out with your other wing, you pull Megan into a hug.
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