The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> After a second's hesitation Flurry joins you as well by wrapping her wings around the girl's midsection.
> "Even the one who used to own me... he didn't care about me either. He didn't hit me or whip me, but he didn't really feed me either."
> Shining nods, adding:
> "I thought Flurry was being - taught to hurt other ponies now. I broke in because I couldn't stand the thought of my little gem having to do that, understand? Would your father want you hurting other little girls?"
> "No! No, he wouldn't!"
"We know that, Megan. But some other pony coming in wouldn't."
> Huffing, Shining flicks his tail.
> "I... I even thought Cadance was hurting ponies too. And I was very, very angry with her too. So angry and scared that I didn't stop to think about it at all.
> "But what about now? I heard you have a master now you'll be going back to; is he good?"
"Shining Armor's new master is far, far better than he has had in the past, yes."
> "Even more than my master, though... I always obeyed him, but there was another little girl. Maybe about your age, even. I think she was my first human friend."
> Megan looks rather skeptical, but Shining manages a soft, almost fond smile.
> "Honest. My master took me to a party she was at, and she - she didn't even see me as a slave. Just a friend. Or C- did she try and order me around."
> Though younger ears might have missed that slip, it wasn't so quick as to avoid your own.
> What, you wonder, had the prospect of a real human friend done for her recovery?
> How much had some girl been able to give her that you never could have?
> "When you're a slave, Megan, you can't understand how different it feels to be asked something rather than told. She was so innocent - do you know that word?"
> She shakes her head in a whirl of golden curls.
"It means when someone can't be blamed for something. When they didn't do anything wrong."
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