The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Gracie is... she just wants everyone to be happy. Even when she's asking you to do things it doesn't feel like orders, because she's so kind."
> Face screwed up in a look of intense pondering, Megan nods.
> "Do you understand now? I knew there were some humans out there who wouldn't hurt Flurry Heart. But I didn't know that any place like this would be safe."
> "But did she give you orders?"
> "Uh... Ye-e-essss?"
> Poor Shining - forever a bad pony at hiding his nervousness.
> "Kinda? I mean... she wasn't my master - mistress - but I did what she said a lot. And, uh, gave heraponyrideonce."
"You what?!"
> You can't help the outburst; your eyes go wide with shock.
> The Shining Armor, who had snuck in disguised as another pony to try and foalnap his daughter to safety, giving rides?
> Unthinkable!
> But the way he is burying his head in his hooves to hide the blush spreading on his coat cannot be denied.
> "Okay, maybe more than once!"
"And is there anything else you want us to know?"
> Knowing that teasing, leading, sing-songy tone of your voice, Shining Armor rolls his eyes.
> "And let her paint my hooves. And braid my tail once."
> The laugher comes up bubbling from your chest.
> Maybe a little forced at first, but then again maybe you just really needed a good laugh.
> And a moment later, Megan joins in the merriment - even if just with a shy grin as well.
> Soon, however, Shining Armor sobers.
> "I guess what I mean to say, Megan, is that I didn't do it because I hate you or wanted to hurt you. I did it because I wanted my Flurry to be safe."
> Although his words address the girl, his eyes are firmly locked on his own daughter.
> "I'd been so long without her, and I let myself find somewhere good... when I heard where she was, I was angry with myself for enjoying that while I thought she was hurting."
> All of Flurry Heart's earlier anger seems to have evaporated.
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