The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> In its place was fresh and raw understanding that whatever she had suffered, it was undoubtedly worse than she had.
"If anypony here should feel that way, it is myself. I was the one who was never hurt as either of you were."
> You add more softly, for Shining's sake:
"And when I had the chance to do something for one of my family, I could not resist opportunity either. No matter what it cost me."
> Shuffling forward, Megan leaves your side - although one hand is still kept on your flank, like a child or foal keeping a limb on the "safe tree" during a game of tag - and towards Shining.
> Her other reaches out to touch his nose.
> Cautiously at first, but resting more comfortably when he does not snap or lunge at her.
> Indeed, all Shining does is turn his head fractionally to give a better feel.
> "I'm sorry, Megan. For scaring you. I just wanted my daughter to be safe."
> "But she is safe. She belongs to me now, and I won't let anyone hurt her!"
> Shining Armor bristles at the new reference to Flurry 'belonging', his ears snapping back and tail flicking hard enough to thwack against the floor.
> It is quickly suppressed, however, until only through intimate familiarity can you see the tight lines in his face.
"Megan, when you say she belongs to you... remember, Shining Armor has had a much, much different experience of 'belonging' than you give. He doesn't like that word."
> "That word is the reason I can't go home. Why I can't stay here with you. Why-"
> Biting his tongue, he again silences himself until it is done.
> "...nevermind."
> He must, you reflect, hate the promise he had been forced to make too.
> "You're going to have to go away?"
> "I don't want to."
> Again Shining's eyes fall to his daughter, still standing at a distance.
> "But I have to, because I belong to someone else. And that means I go. Besides, there's - another pony at home who was hurt badly like I was. I have to go back to her."
> "Oh."
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