The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Megan's hand starts to slide up and down his nose.
> "P-Please believe me, Shining. Flurry is my pony, but that means she's my friend too. I don't hurt her. I don't whip her. I even stole a whooole bowl of cookie dough for her once!"
"And got both of you horribly sick in the morning."
> Even Shining cannot resist a smile at that:
> "Did she, now?"
> "Uh-huh! And we got grounded together too. I was also there when she learned to fly again!"
"Actually, I might even say that was because of Megan that Flurry was able to take to the skies..."
> When you finish telling that story, Shining looks back at his daughter then to Megan again, then back to Flurry - re-evaluating just how close they were.
> "I... So Cadance gave you a pony ride, and she followed you up. The two of you really are close, aren't you?"
> "Uh-huh."
> Megan hesitates, then looks back to Flurry as well - and sticks out an arm to motion her closer.
> Her shyness overcome, Flurry Heart advances from your side to near her father.
> They meet nose-to-nose; Shining whickers softly and she responds with a higher-pitched, foalish equivalent of the same.
> And then they are together again, brought into a hug by Megan wrapping both in a fierce hug.
> It takes a moment, but Flurry climbs into his father's hooves and hugs him too.
> He whispers something into her ear, and she shakes her head while whispering back.
> A pained but mirthful laugh escapes is throat, and Shining puts a forehoof around each of them in turn.
> Megan squeaks in surprise, but goes along with it - an arm encircling both filly and father.
> When she finally pulls free, however, there is an absolutely serious expression stamped on her face:
> "Shining Armor, I need to ask you something really big."
> "What, Megan?"
> "Can you give me a pony ride? The way you did for Gracie?"
> Immediately Shining is rearing back, eyes wide.
> "I, uh - I don't know-"
"She'll be gentle. I promise."
> "You'd know, I suppose."
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