The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Sighing, Shining tilts his head to grant Megan better access to his mane; she'd started to brush it.
> He's hesitating, though.
> "I... I don't know. I mean, it might be dangerous, and I don't even know if there'd be a saddle anywhere around here-"
> You can't help it; cheeks flush bright red and you twist your head to hide them away.
> Because there was a saddle somewhere in the camp - although where Anonymous had put it, along with the rest of that tacked-up outfit he'd had you wear for the investor's meeting, was a mystery to you.
> One that should remain hidden.
> If there a single thing that you were certain of, it was that Shining Armor should never find out about that.
> And certainly never see that dress!
> In another time, he might have had a - very positive reaction to it.
> But that would probably not be the case now, and certainly not in front of Megan or Flurry!
> You'd have to get to Anonymous and warn him off suggesting it before either girl or filly could try.
> "Oh, that's okay. I rode Cadance without a saddle when she gave me a ride!"
> "Did you now?"
> ...oh, sweet Celestia.
> That look he's giving you - it's Shining's 'there will be words later' look.
> You sigh.
> At least now there was an excuse for the rosy hue blanketing your face.
"Yes, she did. Briefly. I used my magic to hold her in place."
> Shining nods, his eyes darkening.
> Not an option for him while the hated horn-ring was still in place.
"...however, you will not be flying and that is, ah..."
> Oh.
> That look again.
> Huffing heavily, Shining lays his head back down.
> "I'm sorry, Megan. It's - difficult for me. I know you might be good for my Flurry, I do. But when I close my eyes, I still see things so differently no matter how much I want to believe..."
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