The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "It would be good for both of them, I think. Megan would overcome the last of her fear of Shining, and he would be able to leave more confident that Flurry Heart is in good hands."
> More softly, she adds:
> "That last bit is the important part. It's going to hurt when he finally has to go, but he won't do anything hot-tempered if he really trusts Megan."
"...I see. Speaking of that, Cadance - I think he should be the one to place the call home, and it should be tonight."
> "Already, Master?"
"Yes, Cadance."
> Your hand descends to rub between her wings.
"I'm sorry, but every day I don't take action on this I'm opening myself to prosecution. I have to do it."
> "Yes."
> Abruptly rising from her slumped-over stance, Cadance again rises to her hooves and comes to face you.
> "Master, I have to beg you - when you send him back, I need - need! - a way to speak to him still. A visit, now and again - but if not that then video, phone calls, something! I cannot go without him and he has asked the same of me. Please, ask his owner-"
> You halt her with a hand on her shoulder.
"I understand, Cadance. Phone calls, video calls, those I can absolutely give you. Visits... perhaps if we met somewhere in the middle? He's the next best thing to fourteen hours away, sixteen with realistic traffic. It won't be a day trip."
> Cadance's expression falls and you squat down in front of her, rubbing her mane.
"I'm sorry. I could put you on a plane; that'd only be a few hours. But I'd have to send you with someone - you know a slave can't fly alone - or put you in cargo, and I'm not shipping you like a suitcase."
> "I would do it. If it meant I could see him, I would spend however long in the smallest crate you could-"
"I know, Cadance. I know. We'll see, okay? I will talk to his owner about it, I promise that, but it'll depend on how angry he is Shining ran away.”
> This yields a soft sigh from her.
> "I guess it will. Thank you for that much, at least."
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