The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Least I can do. Though, there is one other thing I'm a touch concerned about, and you've brought it back to my attention again."
> "Master?"
> Standing up again, you lean back against the building and stare out at the busy street.
> It wasn't a mistake that you'd scheduled Megan and Flurry to meet with Shining on Sunday, when the ponies would not be working.
> Or at least, would be working on the camp's upkeep rather than for the jobs you'd assigned them.
> Unlike many other days, the streets were relatively busy with ponies wandering about - wandering from place to place, often in small groups chatting and laughing among each other.
> Though none so close they might overhear your conversation.
"It's Mocha Cream. She's... not been doing very well ever since I broke the news to her. Quiet, muted, not even seeming to take that much pleasure in the work she's doing with her talent - lifting other ponies' spirits and so on."
> Snorting through flared nostrils, Cadance lashes her tail.
> "I've noticed it some as well, Master. She speaks less and is more withdrawn."
"I was about to ask if you saw any of it today, but I suppose that answers that. I want to do something for her, but I'm really not sure what. Has she been growing any closer with anyone here in the camp? Someone who could help her?"
> "Rumble would be the one to ask, but I don't believe so."
> You run a hand through your hair.
> It comes away damp - whether from the heat or worry, you don't know.
"I'm afraid I really did take away the last thing she had. I'd like to do something for her, but I don't know what. I realize Shining is probably the bulk of your thoughts right now, but if you have any advice...?"
> "None I haven't given already. I'm sorry, Anonymous."
> You can't even be annoyed with her; it's obvious she feels just as bad about this as you do.
> "I can attempt to speak to her again..."
"It'd be appreciated. I'll see what I can do in the meantime."
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