The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"...alright, I'll see about getting a proper saddle. Do me a favor, and get Shining's measurements? I think it'd be better if you did that."
> "Agreed."
"And in the meantime, I'll think about Mocha Cream."
> You rub your chin, trying to figure out just where to push her next.
"She needs to see less of me, not more. Maybe send her for some more lessons? There certainly is more she could be doing, even with her unstable magic... and I need to talk to Rumble as well."
> "Yes, Master. And soon. Letting this slip forever will do no one good."
> Raising an eyebrow at Cadance yields a soft shrug from her.
> "I realize you have much on your mind as well, but this cannot wait."
"Don't need the reminder, Cadance. Go get the information I was looking for, and remind Shining that we're going to be doing the phone call."
> She tries to hide it, but the little sigh is still audible.
> "Yes, Master."
> ...
> Unlike Megan's business with the stallion, you didn't feel comfortable handling this in the camp.
> So evening found you camped out in a circle amid your study, a phone set on the low table at the center of the circle.
> To your right was Cadance, a wing reached out to clamp over her husband's side.
> Though everyone was apprehensive, he seemed to be taking this all the worst.
> Not surprising; if one of your ponies called you up after vanishing over the fence and asked to be picked up, there'd...
> Well, there wouldn't be hell to pay; not anymore.
> But there'd still be something of a consequence for them!
> On your opposite side sat Randall and Posey, who had thoughtfully agreed to stick around in order to be on hand in case said owner is belligerent.
"Well, let's not hold this off any longer. It won't get any easier."
> Amidst a few rumbles of affirmation - some more certain than others - you tap the speaker button and begin dialing in the number.
"Shining, you remember what we went over? What to say?"
> "Yes, I do."
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