The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You stop dead in your tracks, and Cadance does too - the look back suggesting that she has belatedly realized how much of a mistake she made.
> Leaning over at the hips so that your presence is slightly looming, you lower your voice - breath brushing her ear:
"Watch your tone, Cadance. I've been extremely tolerant of your attitudes, but I draw the line when we have others around - even on the phone. How I take care of things is my business."
> Her frown deepens, but she submits - canting her head in what you've come to recognize as a gesture of acceptance.
"I guess I wasn't quite fast enough on the mute button. I have to know what's going on, so that I can dodge the next load that comes flying at me. In this case, despite the good you've done with him I'm still dealing with a stallion who isn't very fond of me and a man who doesn't seem to be either. Knowing where I stand will help me deal with this more effectively - and help me keep the two of you in touch."
> "I understand, Master."
> Good.
> You stand back up, but the touch of a smile flickers around the edge of Cadance's lips.
> "Nothing was heard, though. You were fast enough; I merely guessed, because I know how you think."
> You frown.
> That attitude again...
> Back up in the study, Shining Armor looks up as you enter.
> He appears worse off than you'd imagined - his eyes hollow and expression blank.
> Despite the rapport he'd expressed for his owner, the stallion looks like someone informed he will be shortly marching to the gallows.
> You seat yourself by the phone; Cadance needs no prompting to take a comforting position at his side.
"Hello; are you still there?"
> "Yes, I am."
"It sounded like you wanted to speak to me again."
> "I did. I'm not sure exactly what happened - I still feel like I am missing something - but I'm not going to argue getting my pony back."
> You can't help but crack a slight smirk at that as well.
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