The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You put the strap that you'd been fiddling with down.
> Out of the corner of your eye, you can see that Shining Armor isn't even bothering to hide his attention - watching you closely for your response.
> Why had you...?
> It felt so rational at the time.
> Break her in, make her accept this life.
> Discourage another escape from any ponies who would see her afterwards.
> But you rather doubt Shining Armor would accept that alone, and besides - that wasn't the whole truth either, was it?
"...I got angry. I - lost control. In the beginning, it was just a punishment. Misplaced, maybe... but someone had to be punished for that. Cadance didn't understand how close she came to ruining this place with that stunt. It was as much to show her that she couldn't do that and not expect anyone to be hurt. Maybe I was already too angry to be rational."
> Leaning over you, rest an elbow on your knee.
> One hand reaches out to toy with the bridle, straps and bolts clinking lightly against the floor.
"But Corona wouldn't give no matter what I did. Not when I lashed her, not when I kept her suspended and aching, not at all. I just kept getting angrier, and she must have just kept getting more scared... then she bit me, and after that I lost any control I still had. After that, it was just wrath pure and simple. I wanted to see her suffer, and so I did - listening to her beg for mercy and forgiveness every second of the way."
> Shining Armor remains silent, not giving you anything to answer to.
> That's fine.
> You still have plenty of things to say yourself.
"Have you ever done something, Shining, that you know the second it happens was wrong? But by then it's already too late to do anything about, and you're left just to pick up the pieces with the realization that you fucked up?"
> "Yes."
> It is the only word he says, and you can absolutely tell he is struggling not to say more.
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