The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You hesitate.
> After what you had just told Shining, could you really trust him?
> Would he try to avenge the cruelty you'd inflicted on Corona?
> No.
> He was right - you were already trusting him with your daughter's life.
> Reuniting him with his family truly did seem to have broken his will to actually fight back.
> What difference could this make?
"Let me get a screwdriver."
> Shining gasps softly when you finally get the fixing-screw lose, the clamps on the ring's interior releasing his horn and allowing you to draw it off in one quick gesture.
> His legs tremble and he almost seems ready to fall to the floor.
> But a moment later he is upright again, almost seeming to stand taller than before.
> "You have no concept of how good it feels to get that off."
"I don't, but I can imagine. Cadance, you understand that this is your responsibility?"
> "Yes, Master."
> Fingering the ring briefly before dropping it into a pocket, you grunt:
"I'm trusting, Shining Armor, that you understand why I did that. That, from one father to another, you see that I haven't hurt Flurry Heart - and will extend the same to Megan."
> "Absolutely. I swear."
> His horn lights - softly at first, an almost filmy sort of haze appearing around your daughter's legs.
> "Can you feel that, Megan?"
> "Uh-huh. I can feel the magic, yeah. I've felt Flurry's a lot."
> "Okay. I'm not going to press too hard, so you can still move around a bit up there."
> This time, when Shining starts to march in a slow circle Megan is much more able to ride easily - sitting upright on his back.
> A slow, but wide grin spreads across her face; despite the soft glow of magic around her legs they are no longer clamped so tightly around Shining's flanks.
> She still does not use the reins, though.
> Still afraid of tugging too hard.
"You can pull on those just a little, sweetheart. Just not too much, and let go as soon as you feel him respond."
> "Like this?"
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