The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Her 'pull' barely qualifies as such.
"A little more."
> This time Shining huffs softly, but does turn to the rein's tug.
> Definitely not a fan of this guidance-by-bit business.
"That's good. And you keep it back as long as you want him to turn, or both to stop."
> Now minus her fear of wobbling off, it doesn't take long for Megan to slip into an easier pattern.
> For his part, her steed seems to have settled into quiet tolerance of this situation.
> Shining even perks up as she becomes more familiar with the controls, and almost seems to be enjoying himself.
> He still hesitates when Megan pipes up:
> "Can we go outside, Daddy? It's kind of small in here."
> "No! M'not 'onna..."
> Hesitating, Shining lets his head droop again and mutters around the bit.
> "Don' wanna b'seen like thi'. S'emberassin'..."
> Ah, there's that old pride again.
> In a way, you're almost glad to see it - at least you knew he wasn't fuming inside.
"You know, Megan, I'm not the one you really need to ask. He isn't mine, after all - and even if he was, you should still talk to him before you ask for something big like that - not just wait for me to give an order."
> "Oh..."
> Shining shoots you a thankful look - up until Megan leans alarmingly forward to hug his neck.
> "Pleeeeease, Shining? I know you can't run in here..."
> "I..."
> Cadance leans in again, frowning.
> "Dear - ponies here will understand. She's a child, and you are doing her a great favor. There's no shame in it."
> "Yeah, th'is. This - this isn' jus' a wor' ha'ness or somethin'. This is slave stuff. Wha' if a pi'ture gets out?"
"Remember, you have some privacy in the camp. Same thing that lets me take your horn restrictor off, means you also don't have to worry about being seen."
> "I... I guess..."
> "Yaaaaaaay! Thank you, Shining Armor! Thank you sooo muuuch!"
> He gags a bit from how tight Megan's hug is about his neck, but Shining does not recant.
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