The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You take the opportunity, moving to open the warehouse doors.
> Instantly a burst of fresh, hot summer are sweeps in; Shining trots forward through it with nostrils wide and sniffing.
> His ears are half-tipped back and tail swishing.
> But there is no sign of any real anger, especially when Cadance pulls up alongside him to murmur:
> "Don't worry, Love. I'll be right here alongside you every minute of it."
> Squaring his shoulders, Shining nods and walks out onto the road beyond - Megan swaying on his back.
> "C'mon! Let's go, go, go! We're outside now, you can go faster than that!"
> No amount of nudging with her heels will drive him any faster.
"Not going to work, Sweetheart. Like I said before, you have to ask him-"
> In her frustration, Megan snaps the reins against Shining Armor's shoulders.
> The effect is dramatic:
> He is off like a rocket, galloping down the side-road with a shrieking girl clinging to his back.
> Cadance also charges after him leaving you to pick up the rear with an awkward if desperate sprint:
> For a second you fear he will buck her off, but Shining quickly comes to a halt with Megan still hanging on.
> Those shrieks quickly die out, and by the time you reach them - heart pounding and breath hard in your lungs - she is excitedly bouncing on his back.
> "Doitagain, doitagain, doitagain! That was fun!"
> "M'sorry! I didn't mean to, when Master does tha' it means I'm supp'sed t'pull as 'ard as I can-"
"Megan! Are you okay-"
> "I'm fine! It was like riding a roller-coaster - scary, but good."
> You wipe your forehead; the degree of sweat beading on it couldn't be blamed on the heat alone.
> "Can you do that again, Shining? Please, please please please-"
"Now, Megan, you can't just force him to do what you want."
> She pouts again, and Shining Armor cranes his neck around to look at her.
> The look that passes between stallion and girl is almost missed.
> Almost.
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