The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "Y'know, ba' when I was a roo'ie 'olt in the guard, one of my l'tenants once tol' me: If y'scared o'somethin, y'jus' gotta go righ' into it har' as y'can."
"Hold up a moment-"
> Maybe Shining Armor had decided he wanted to stick it to you - to defy you just to prove he still could.
> Or maybe he had decided that if he was going to be seen out and about with your daughter saddled on his back, he was going to do it on his own terms.
> Whichever it is, your warning goes totally unheeded.
> "Me'han? Don't pull too har', or I'll just stop."
> His horn ignites, pink magic congealing around her legs -
> And then he is off, hooves raising little clouds of dust as they drive into the dirt.
"Wait, you can't just run off!"
> "Don't worry, I can hold her in place wi' my ma'ic now! I'll brin' her ba' fine!"
> The hollered answer does little to settle your churning stomach.
> Barely do you pursue a few steps before giving up; it's clear that you'll only wind yourself trying to keep pace with the work-hardened pony.
"Ahh, God damn it - Cadance, follow him; I'll get Flurry and the cart!"
> Except you don't have Flurry; a pink-and-purple blur shoots past you head hot on the trail of her Mistress and father.
> "Mistress Megan, wait for me!"
> Throwing up your arms, you turn for the cart.
"Well, the hell with it. Apparently nobody's listening to me today."
> "Shining was right: He can shield Megan from a fall, and if anything does happen Flurry will come get us. They will be fine."
> Despite her pointed comment, Cadance takes to wing also in pursuit.
> You aren't so sure, and push the cart to its limits - straining the electric motor in an effort to keep up with him.
> Every once in a while you could catch the distant sound of hooves on pavement or earth, or your daughter's voice in the distance:
> "Giddyap, Shining! Giddyap, giddyap!"
> Judging by the bemused-looking ponies you are passing by, this is the right way.
> Wait-
> Had they turned off into one of the fields?
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