The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> You spot the pair in the distance, accompanied by Flurry Heart and raising a cloud of dust as Shining pounds through one of the work paths between rows of plants.
> There’s no way your measly little cart will keep up with him in that, but he’ll have to turn aside sooner or later or hit the fence-
> And knowing that, you can cut him off.
> Megan surely sees you coming, but still guides Shining right past you.
> Now, on a proper road, you can at least keep up-
> But all of a sudden, stopping them doesn’t seem so important.
> Megan is grinning, laughing, clutching the reins in her hands.
> And Shining has fallen back from a full gallop to a fast trot, but is focused hard:
> Both ears straight forward, head low and horn pointed forwards.
> With this pace, you really can see just how well-built he is:
> Muscles standing out as they work, nostrils flaring to suck down air, sweat beginning to lather his sides.
> A slight tug on the reins turns him down an alley too narrow for your cart to follow.
> Is Megan deliberately evading you?!
> If it’s a chase she wants…
> You miss intercepting them on the next street over, but pick them up on the third again.
> Finally Megan pulls him to a skidding, scuffing halt.
“Well, was it everything-”
> Shining actually rears up, whinnying loudly - not a sound of pain, but almost of exultation.
> For a moment you fear Megan will topple from his back, but his horn is already lit to keep the girl firmly in place even before she can begin to fall.
> Dropping back down, Shining Armor whips his head about - spraying sweat from his mane.
> “Sorry. Havin’ a run like tha’... a’tually felt real good!”
> A laugh bubbles up out of you, shaking your head.
“That’s… well, you did hold your promise. She’s fine, so that’s okay, I guess.”
> “Is th’any water? I need a drin’.”
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