The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> There is, but only from a hose - and never have you seen a pony so happy to gulp down the spray from it
> Cadance and Flurry Heart catch up as he is drinking, while speaking to them, you almost miss when Megan leans over and whispers into his ear:
> “Wanna do it again?”
> And then the chase begins anew.
> ...
> Later that evening, you finally return home - sweaty, tired, but still grinning a bit from the day's events.
> There's one thing you have to deal with, though, before this can be considered 'done'...
> The house ponies are gathered up, sitting in front of you in a loose circle.
"Now, I assume you all saw what happened out there today?"
> A low chorus of 'Yes, Master' echoes you.
"This goes for everyone here, but especially you since we have so many guests here: Not a word about that comes out about that to anyone outside the camp, understood?"
> Again the chorus sounds, although more muted and less certain this time.
"Good. I don't ask much of you, but this one thing... some people out there could use that to say I am misusing another man's pony, understand? So we won't talk about it."
> It's less of a chorus this time and more of a general series of agreeing rumbles, but even so you can definitely say there's more agreement in it.
"Excellent! That's all; you're now dismissed."
> As they tumble out, you spot one lagging pony you've got a comment for:
"Oh, and Backstitch?"
> "Yes, Master?"
> The tailor-pony cocks his head questioningly.
"If you haven't already, you can put Cadance's dress and bridle away. We're not going to need them now, obviously."
> "I'm sorry, Master, but she came and picked it up earlier this evening."
> Your eyebrows rise.
"Did she really?"
> "Yes. Just before dinner this evening, Master."
> Leaning back in your seat, you dismiss him with a wave of your hand.
"Did she now..."

> You stumble back into your quarters alongside Shining Armor.
> Exhausted, sweat-soaked, and still laughing here and there in fitful bursts.
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