The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Too damn long, that's how long.
> For a few minutes there it had seemed like just the two of you, alone in the world.
> Even the girl on his back didn't seem to matter so much.
> The two of you mutually collapse on the floor before the bed, not wanting to rub your sweat-lathered coats on the sheets.
> Twin scents fill the room:
> Heavy, thick, mare and stallion, strong enough to fill the space.
> Ten minutes, fifteen - the two of you just lay there, grinning like madponies.
> Maybe you were madponies.
> Finally Shining gasps out:
> "I want to run like that every day. For the rest of my life. Just running, running until it's all I can think about-"
"I know."
> Your neck ached too much for a nuzzle, but your wings had been mostly unused and were still strong enough to reach out and wrap around him.
"Tartarus' black teats, I loved that! Feeling - feeling alive again!"
> "Lungs burning, heart pounding, legs screaming for relief-"
"And of course, you right alongside me."
> "Of course."
> Neither of you wants to think about how so very soon a run together will be impossible.
> Squirming over to you with an awkward flop-shove movement, Shining rolls on his side to press himself back to back with you.
"You know what else I'd like?"
> "What?"
"To get all this sweat off of me."
> "That sounds amazing. For once, no hot water isn't a problem."
“Do you want to go first?”
> "Go ahead. I'm a big strong stallion. I can deal with some sweat for a little bit more... even if it does feel gross."
> Stumbling into the shower, you twist the water on to its heaviest, coldest stream and dunk yourself beneath it.
> There you are forced to confront another want:
> One that had first made itself known a day or two ago, but now - with his scent clinging to the room and you - had become almost irresistible.
> That desire...
> At least the water had quenched most of it by the time Shining wanders in after you.
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