The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> It's perhaps a minute more before either of you feels like lathering up.
> This time both of you can help the other, of course:
> Manipulating soap and water to lather in and soothe tired muscles.
> Years apart had not dimmed Shining's memory of exactly where pressure could make you coo and sigh with happiness - his hooves digging in to massage the bands of muscle that support your wing.
> Ah, that felt good!
> Really, really good...
> "Cady?"
"S'good, Shiny... keep goin'..."
> Your eyes are half closed, all focus on his hooves and the water pouring on you.
> "Cady..."
"Whaizzit, Shining...?"
> "Cadance!"
> Everything snaps back into focus; you peer over your shoulder in confusion.
"What's wrong, I-"
> Oh.
> You don't even need to finish that sentence.
> The burning need is back in force, and your tail is hiked up...
> Shame colors your cheeks; you drop your haunches to the shower floor and will the heat to fade away again.
"I... don't..."
> "Shh..."
> Shining leans in against you, which unfortunately doesn't help much:
> The scent of soap cannot entirely hide his own musk.
"Shining? Is... is it wrong of me to want this?"
> "Wrong?"
"It feels wrong. I only saw you again for the first time a few days ago, and I now I'm just thinking about..."
> "Shhhh."
> Leaning in, Shining nuzzles into your neck - one hoof rising to settle over your withers.
> "You're allowed to be a mare, Cadance. It's not wrong of you. Feelings like that are natural; didn't anyone ever teach you?"
"Yes. Celestia. And believe me, it was exactly as embarrassing as you would think having the Princess of the Sun instruct you about colts and fillies..."
> That thought puts a smile on both your faces, and even a chuckle from Shining.
> Releasing you from the embrace, he takes your head in his hooves and lifts it.
> Your eyes roam across his features:
> Roughened, aged by all he has been through.
> But still the same stallion you fell in love with so long ago.
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