The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "So, yeah. Really. It's not wrong of you. You're allowed to desire, love."
> Reaching forward, he kisses you softly.
> The touch is so foreign, so unexpected, that you almost leap back before melting right into it.
> "...and I'm glad you still think of me that way too."
> Returning the kiss isn't even a question.
"Thank you, Shining... I think I'm going to head out now. If you can finish up, follow me when you're ready?"
> "Sure. Are you okay, Cadance?"
> You deliver one more final kiss to the tip of his nose.
"I'm fine. Trust me."
> In the few minutes it takes for Shining to emerge from the shower, you prepare.
> When the finally does step out, he only makes it halfway before the doorway before he halts in surprise.
> Not that you blame him.
> You were sprawled languidly on the bed, wearing the "dress" Anonymous had once made you strut before his business partners with.
> This time, wearing it doesn't feel so wrong at all.
> You'd ditched the golden hoof-cuffs and chains leading to them, of course, but the rest...
> The gauzy reins leading from the bridle set upon your head, laying across your neck and still-damp mane.
> The 'saddle' wrapping your barrel, straps of fabric emerging from it to encircle your chest and highlight your rump through the translucent cloth.
> All of that is still there.
> Under Shining's stare, you eventually turn your head aside - cheeks again burning hot with a mix of need and confused shame.
"S-Shining? Will - you be mine again, so I can be yours?"
> You can hear his hooves clip-clopping against the floor as he comes closer, but still don't look up until his magic lifts your head to face him.
> His lips press to yours, heavy and needing.
> A soft moan is pulled from your throat - how long had you dreamed of this in private, almost shameful moments?
> Of feeling that touch again, that pressure and demand-
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