The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Shuddering, you allow yourself to roll over and make room for him on the bed - something Shining Armor is all too eager to do.
> You feel the mattress shifting as his weight settles beside you.
> Hot breath puffs on the back of your neck, he drawing in your scent as you had relished in his.
> "Cady..."
> Cocking your head back, you raise it up to brush his chin.
> Your back arches, wings fluttering out, and tail again hiking up for him.
> Hormones have begun to fog your mind.
> Desires.
> Needs.
> The heat that you had only barely quenched in the shower is back with full force.
> His lips meets yours again, more forceful this time.
> Pressing and parting, letting your tongues meet.
> Shining is straddling atop you now, his hooves planted firmly on either side of your shoulders.
> His muzzle traces over your shoulders, out along a wing - brushing among your feathers in just the way you'd always loved.
> Your tail flicks up, teasingly brushing between his legs.
> Your neck twisting to let you kiss him again, then rolling back as his lips find their way down your neck.
> Cheek nuzzling against yours - his coat prickling between the straps of the bridle.
> Scent all around you in a cloud you'd missed so very, very much.
> And oh, yes-
> His length pressing down on your back.
> You can feel it, even through the saddle binding you.
> Again your tail flicks up to tease him, and that is all the invitation Shining needs:
> A gasp is torn from your throat as he enters you:
> Wings snapping out to either side and head rolling back as you are filled by him.
> On some level you are aware the dress should probably come off by this point, before it becomes wrinkled or stained with sweat and other fluids.
> Mostly, though, you are beyond caring.
> Everything is a haze now:
> Your two bodies rocking together in perfect unison.
> Each thrust driving a fresh burst of pleasure in ways that you had almost forgotten.
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