The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> The time for words is long since passed; only muted grunts and whinnies, moans and nickers pass between the two of you.
> His jaws clamp on the bridle's 'reins', tugging them back with a low growl as he hilts himself again in you.
> Your head kicks back in return.
> Hips rise, lifting to meet his and push him ever deeper.
> So what if your rump wasn't as large as some ponies'?
> You liked how neatly it fit beneath him.
> How it let you feel his weight over you, on top of you, pressing down on you, hips grinding against yours.
> There was nothing gentle or tender in this encounter:
> This was feral, instinctual, passionate lovemaking full of demand.
> A product of two loving souls torn apart from each other for far too long.
> "Ca-adaaa-aaaah!"
> Such were your passions that the climax comes with no warning.
> He erupts within you, an even greater heat filling your marehood.
> Teeth release the bridle's straps, only to close around the back of your neck with a force that makes you clench down on his shaft.
> The last few regular pumps break you as well - the entire room seeming to glow as a ripple of pleasure runs up from the bottom of your spine to the tips of your wings.
> Shining slumps down atop you when he is spent.
> In another circumstance his weight would be crushing; now, it is comforting.
> Familiar.
> When your breath has caught up and senses you realize that the room was, in fact, glowing - illuminated by both your horns, unconsciously lit amid your rutting.
> You extinguish your own, and focus in on the sensation of feeling Shining's heartbeat through his ribs:
> Thudding, pounding still, against your back.
> Matching your own.
> Eventually you gather enough strength to roll yourself over beneath him, pressing your lips to his once more and sighing in relief.
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