The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> It comes as something of a surprise when Shining lights his horn to strip the bridle from your head before he returns the gesture - unraveling the fabric from around your neck, and unbuckling the straps which kept the saddle locked to your barrel.
> You cast your eyes down, murmuring softly:
"D-Did you not like it, Shining? I'm sorry, I thought-"
> "Shh."
> His lips meet yours again.
> "I did like it. Even if I do wonder where you got something like that-"
> Before you can explain he quickly goes on:
> "-I definitely did... like it."
> The flush still showing starkly on his snow-white cheeks attests to that.
> As had the passion of his lovemaking.
> "But right now... I don't want any assistance. I want to love you, Cadenza - you alone, bare of anything like that. Just you. Just my love."
> Your heart quickens again and your head comes to rest nestled in against his shoulder.
> It hadn't been revealed to you, but that was something you had needed to hear.
> He still loved you.
> Not the mare wearing the bridle and dress that made your rump pop just right.
> You.
> Cadance.
"Thank you, Shining..."
> The second time you make love, it is much slower.
> Less beholden to the instinctual calls of need.
> More about two hearts being intertwined as your bodies were, intent as much on giving pleasure to the other as taking pleasure for yourself.
> When you take him into you, you are as much listening for his hums of pleasure as the surges coming from your nethers.
> And when he holds you against his body, coats and wings and horns brushing against each other, you can tell he is feeling for your heartbeat as well.
> The late-evening warmth doesn't even seem to matter.
> You'll have to shower again later or go to bed sweat-soaked, but that seems an acceptable tradeoff.
> And when you do finally slip into bed for the night, tangled with Shining, it is the first night you sleep utterly undisturbed without ever waking up once.
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