The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> ...
> The next evening finds you gathered again in Anonymous' study.
> This time all a ways back from the computer, so that the camera could catch all of you.
> Up-close had proven impossible to fit you all.
> Although it did produce a nicely tension-breaking bout of laughter when Shining Armor's attempt to examine the camera closely had provided everyone with an in-depth view of his nostril.
> Finally the 'incoming video call' message pops up, and despite speaking to him once before you can feel your heart begin to thud.
> This was it.
> You only hoped he would be willing to allow you to see more of Shining.
> If he didn't...
> You cut those thoughts off with the same ferocity you had in the past twenty-four hours.
> That bridge would be crossed if it was even reached.
> In the meantime...
> Anonymous accepts the call, and Shining's master appears on the screen.
> He is-
> Well, you don't know what you expected.
> Someone kindly-looking, maybe?
> Soft, to have taken care of him like that?
> But he just looks... average.
> For a human, anyhow.
> You always did get the sense that you were missing some standard of handsomeness or beauty when it came to them.
> Anonymous is the first to speak, breaking the silence.
> "Okay. I guess, this is it... well, you can figure out who I am, and Shining-"
> "Master!"
> He's clearly restraining himself from charging the screen - although that wouldn't do much.
> "Hey there, Shiny. I... I'm just... I'm really glad to see you. Like, for real."
> "I know, Master. I'm..."
> Head hanging, Shining sighs:
> "...just shouldn't have run out on you. Shouldn't have left you, Gracie, and Corona hanging."
> Anonymous speaks up, raising a hand almost like a child in school:
> "If I can ask real fast - I assume she isn't around?"
> "Yeah. Asleep upstairs, and I have the door shut. I... didn't tell her about this, or she'd have wanted to see it."
> "Master? Can you tell Corona, I just - I don't want to her to worry."
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