The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "I will, boy. She's just happy to hear you're coming home."
> You can't help but giggle at Shining being called 'boy', especially since he doesn't seem to mind it too much.
> That giggle, however, reveals your off-camera presence.
> "Who was that? Is there another pony there with you, Shiny?"
> Stepping forward, you enter the camera's frame and immediately dip your head in a small bow.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be peeping, just... didn't want to overwhelm you with too many at once. I am Cadance."
> His face hardens, and your heart sinks.
> Your head dips further, mane beginning to fall over your face and wings shuffling nervously.
"I just wanted to see the face of the man who saved my husband's life. What I said before is still true: I owe you a great debt."
> "Master - don't... judge her too hard. I know what happened was..."
"Wrong. What I did was wrong. No one is questioning that. I wish very deeply there was something I could do to undo it... but there is not."
> Shining nods, stepping over to lean against you.
> His master studies the two of you for a long moment before sighing.
> "Whatever happened over there, I don't know. But I know how Shining talked about ponies who collaborated, and since you're still that close... I guess."
> Both yourself and Shining perk up - you leaning against him and nickering softly.
> That even prompts a little smile from his master.
"I know that the stallion who I loved is not gone. He has not been broken... thanks, in large part, to you."
> "It wasn't just me. There was this girl too-"
> His eyebrows rise; looking to Shining, he lifts one questioningly.
> "Been talking to them, Shiny?"
> "A bit, Master."
> He hangs his head guiltily..
> “Did you tell her what I asked you to? That I’m alright, and I’ll see her soon?”
> “I did. Corona did, actually, and you should have seen how happy she was…”
> “O-Oh. Well, I will when I get back, I guess.”
> Hesitating, Shining Armor adds more softly:
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