The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "I... gave his daughter a ride here too, actually. Megan. She's very nice."
> "And you didn't think you should ask me about that? Come on, Shiny!"
> Hunching over defensively, Shining lets his ears hang and tail swish nervously.
> "I'm sorry, Master! I knew you'd say yes if I did, since it's something I did before - and she's really a gentle girl, once she figured it out. Good at learning. I knew she wouldn't do anything bad to me."
> "Well..."
> His master rubs his head awkwardly.
> "...okay, that's true, but - really, Shining. Ask, okay!"
> "I will, Master!"
> Only you, from your angle, can see what the camera cannot:
> The slight smirk creeping up the edge of your husband's jaw.
> That cheeky stallion!
> He knew he'd be forgiven if he put on that act!
> Though from the way his owner his shaking his head, you rather suspect he might have known about Shining's deceit too...
> "I've... actually been thinking. I think having Shiny driven back will be for the better, but... for the two of you, it could wait a few days."
"You... are willing to let him stay here?"
> Surprise at the sudden turnaround can't be kept from your voice or expression.
> "Yeah. I thought about what you'd said the last few times, and... if he really was fine, I thought maybe - I dunno. It seems wrong to take Shining back so fast, when you are finally still back together."
> You spin about on two hooves, a wide smile growing as you give Anonymous a wide grin.
> "Okay, okay!"
> Laughing, Anonymous waves you off.
> "You don't have to give me that face. I guess it wouldn't do any real harm to have another pony hanging around for a while."
> "That will give us time to make final arrangements anyway. And-"
> There is no warning.
> On the screen, the door behind Shining's owner creeps open.
> "Master? Are you coming to bed soon?"
> That voice.
> Another voice you'd never thought you'd hear again.
> He seems to realize what is about to happen, and starts to turn in his chair.
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