The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> For once, your Master does not argue.
> He simply stands and retreats from the camera's view, off to the side of the room where he sits down just beyond your reach.
> Even so, you extend a tentative wing towards him in offering.
> His hand rises to brush a few of its primaries.
> But you can still see the despondency on his face.
> Shining Armor, meanwhile, has leaned in closer to the camera to try and fill it with his own (albeit distorted) face.
> "Corona? Corona listen to me, it's going to be okay. You aren't going to go anywhere, Corona; you're safe."
> You hadn't thought it was possible for her expression to grow even more despondent.
> When she cracks an eye to peer at him it does just that:
> A fresh wave of horror sweeping across it.
> "No... not you, Shining. Not you too."
> "I'm safe too, Corona-"
> "Safe?! Nopony is safe there!"
> Again she buries her head against her owner's chest, though it does little to hide her whimpering.
> "I shouldn't ever have told you. Shouldn't have said a thing. Now you're there and Oh Celestia help me I sent you there-"
> Her owner strokes her mane back and makes soft comforting noises, but still her ear cocks toward the screen when Shining Armor speaks up again:
> "Corona! Look at me!"
> Changing tactics, Shining Armor retreats back - trying to fit all of himself in the camera's view.
> "Look at me. I'm not hurt, see? I'm not injured. He hasn't done anything too bad to me-"
> "Anything too bad? What the hell does that mean, Shiny?"
> Wincing at his owner's response to the slip-up, Shining opts instead to fall back on regularity.
> "I am fine. Corona. I'm safe, and I'm coming back. Soon. Okay? I'm coming back, and you aren't going anywhere."
> That tone is a classic Royal-Guard-officer one - authoritative, yet reassuring.
> Demanding, yet compassionate rather than cold.
> To some degree, you had found that most officers of the Royal Guard could muster it.
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