The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Your Shining had always been better at it than many others.
> "C-Coming home?"
> "Yeah, Corona. I am. Because you're right - he can't have you. You did get away. He can't have me either, because I don't belong to him. We belong to-"
> "Master."
> Uttering the title with a surprising degree of reverence, she nuzzles the man again.
> He leans over to whisper something into her ear - repeating what Shining Armor had said, you presume - and finally Corona pulls her head far up enough to look.
> Her eyes roam over Shining:
> Taking in the expression of utter determination and certainty he wore both on his face and in his posture, the lack of any obvious signs of torture...
> "I'm here because I broke in, Corona. I went to see just like you said, and now I'm coming back."
> And just when she had begun to relax-
> Just then, her roaming eyes fall on you.
> Instantly they blossom with something far worse than terror:
> Not fear, for you had never taken part in her savage torment.
> Something far worse.
> Something you had hoped never to see in a pony, let alone one who had been a subject of yours:
> Hatred.
> Pure and unquestioning hatred.
> "You-"
> Corona boils up out of her Master's arms, advancing on the camera with teeth bared and ears pinned.
> "You sick whore. You filthy hoof-licking, Tirek-spawned, blood-crowned, demon-human-rutting TRAITOR!"
> Tail lashing whip-like and snorting angrily with each breath, she spears you with her words as fiercely as any blade.
> "Why can't you just roll over and die?! Do you even know what you did, or are you too - too busy being his good and faithful saddle-rat to think about that?!”
> On some level you thought you had been prepared for this.
> After hearing Anonymous admit what he had done.
> You were not ready.
> Falling back on your haunches, you let your head hang.
"Celestia forgive me, Corona, there's not a single day-"
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