The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> No, Shining Armor shouldn't have to make that choice.
> Shouldn't be caught in the middle.
> But there was someone else here could step in, now that Corona seemed to have pushed past the worst of her terror.
> And perhaps finally take responsibility for what he had done, too.
> You look to Anonymous, but his he is already rising - a hand settling on your shoulder.
> "That's enough of that, Corona."
> Five words is all it takes.
> She recoils with a fearful whine, anger again receding in the face of pure and unadulterated fear of that voice.
> "Hey! Get out of there or cut it off, can't you see you're terrifying her?"
> Anonymous looks straight at the camera from his spot beside you.
> Ignoring the other man's protest, he continues speaking:
> "You've every right to be angry. To be furious. But you will not hold Cadance responsible for what I did."
> Even though Corona has buried her eyes in her master's chest again, one ear is still pointed at the computer screen to hear with.
> "N-No. She - she c-chose-"
> Unable to form a coherent sentence, she cannot keep herself from being interrupted again.
> "She chose because I forced her to. Do not forget that Cadance is mine - and I gave her the same choice I did you."
> "G-Give up a-another p-pony-"
> "-or face something worse. She made that choice... but do not act like it was her idea alone."
> A fresh sob tears its way from her throat.
> "Y-You complete - complete - aaaaugh!"
> She'd tried to look up, to look at him, but barely a fraction of a second had passed before fear had driven her eyes back down.
> Anonymous, meanwhile, is still talking - his hand still comfortingly on the back of your neck.
> "What I did was wrong; I will not deny that. It went well beyond punishment and into just venting anger. But Cadance did not - could not - know what was going to happen."
> More softly, he adds:
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