The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "And given how she fought me so much on even that much, doing everything she could to spare as many ponies punishment as she could, I know that if she had forseen what would happen to you she would never have accepted it."
> "S-She didn't f-fight for me-"
"Forgive me, Corona. I couldn't fight anymore. I had to pick somepony-"
> "I had insisted one had to be punished for an escape that brazen."
"-and you... you were strong. You weren't sick, or had been mistreated by the slave-catchers already, or were just too weak from exhaustion or lack of water to fight. You were strong, so I thought you could bear it."
> "Well, you were wrong!"
> The tormented cry draws another round of shushing from Corona's master.
> "Everything hurt too much and I couldn't even think anymore and then he shocked me and shocked me and shocked me and there wasn't anything I could do - oh Master please, please don't send me back the-e-ere!"
> Her owner finally manages to quiet Corona erratic sobs, but the damage is already done.
> Your head falls despite the defense, and that in turn becomes a bow.
"Forgive me, Corona. I..."
> Voice hitching, you swallow.
"...I didn't know. I would have..."
> What?
> What could you have done?
> Again Anonymous speaks up:
> "Remember, Corona. That is what I did to you. Not what Cadance did. I didn't even give her the choice to substitute herself in your place."
> You are thankful for his defense, but it seems to do little.
> That voice, that face, simply has too great a pull on her terror.
> She can do little more than whimper.
> Overrun with fear.
> Helpless.
> Anonymous grunts, rubbing his forehead.
> "I'll... see myself out."
> He only takes one look at you before departing the study.
> Clearly he understood this was not the time for him.
> You had been wrong.
> Absent the terrifying force, Corona manages to stabilize herself enough to speak.
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