The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "She - you - you should have saved us, Cadance! You should have done whatever you had to! Isn't that what you alicorns are for? For protecting us, not - not taking everything away?!"
> On some level, you know these are the words of a mare driven nearly mad by her experiences.
> That she is speaking from a heart filled with tumultuous emotions, not rationally.
> By the same merit, though...
> You cannot deny your own emotions.
"Forgive me, Corona. I wish I had. Somehow, someway - it shouldn't have happened to you."
> "No."
> The answer comes so quickly, so sharply, that you are actually surprised.
> "I have to live every day like this. The nightmares, the scares, the losing myself every time I hear a buzz because I can still remember that rutting prod burning my teats, my marks being - gone! Forever!"
> Shining's master, meanwhile, has finally coaxed Corona to her hooves and is trying to lead her from the room.
> Your eyes fall to her flank.
> A sick twist forms in your stomach at seeing the hairless, white line of a scar when her cutie mark ought to be.
> Pausing only to shoot a long look back - one part remaining deep-seated fear, two parts furious hatred - she snarls out:
> "Why should you get a settled mind when I can't? Forgive you - you can go to Tartarus, 'princess'! I believed in you!"
> Once she is gone her returns only briefly, reaching beneath the camera for the computer.
> "I'll call back later."
"That.. sounds like a good idea, yes."
> Corona's scars were still raw and unhealed; there was also a dangerous glint in Shining's eyes when he looked the door Anonymous had vanished through.
> As the screen goes black, though, he moves to your side and leans against you.
> It takes a moment longer than it ought to have for the normally level-headed stallion to truly calm, but eventually manages leans back - crossing his head over yours and nickering gently in comfort.
"I'm sorry, Shining. I didn't mean to put you in the middle of all that."
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