The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "She would have found out when I got back."
> Even so, you spread a wing over his withers and nuzzle into the crook of his neck.
"You should go back to our quarters. Get some rest."
> "You need me here."
> A smile grows on your lips.
> Rich with sadness, but a smile nonetheless.
"That's my Shining. Always looking out for me."
> "Do you need to go to see to Anonymous?"
"I should."
> "If you don't mind, for that I will stay here."
"That's fine."
> Brushing noses with him one more time, you head for Anonymous' bedroom.
> He is in his normal spot there - the chair facing the large window overlooking the camp.
> Completely still, even when you close the door and come to the seat's side.
> Nothing.
> Stirring, but little more.
> Dropping to your haunches beside the chair, you lift a hoof to rest on his leg.
"You're doing better, Anonymous. Everything Corona said was true... but you aren't that person anymore."
> "Regret doesn't change who someone is, Cadance."
"But actions do. Your actions have. All that's happened with Shining Armor - would that man have done that?"
> He snorts softly, but after a moment his hand comes to rest over your hoof.
> "You don't have to flatter me with meaningless platitudes; it's not your thing. What do you want from me?"
> Eyes rolling, you lash your tail against the chair with a snort.
"Fine. I don't want you moping around, not in the least because Shining's owner is going to call back soon and if you're not in shape to speak to him I don't know what will happen. Are you satisfied?"
> "Well, thank you for being honest at last-"
"Good. Now I can say that I am also genuinely worried about you."
> Finally he gives a genuine reaction, looking down at you.
> A wing extends up, touching his arm.
"That was... hard. And you do bear blame for what you did to her. But this place would not be so much better if you had given up back then either."
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