The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> After a moment he lift his hand to cup the side of your head, thumb rubbing at the spot just beneath your ear.
> "You know, I think I find myself mildly jealous of Shining Armor."
> "He is very, very lucky to have found someone like you."
> Your cheeks flush and Anonymous grins.
> "Despite our rough moments, I don't think taking you into my confidence will be something I regret. Go back to Shining now, Cadance. I think he could use your company too."
> That, it seems, was enough.
> When the phone rings again Anonymous arrives stone-faced but sober and calm.
> Shining's owner appears on the screen again, a tired expression stamped on his face.
> "I've put her to bed again, so I think we should be clear for now."
"I'm glad to hear."
> Rather than answer you, he points toward Shining.
> "Shining, I want you home as soon as possible."
> Instantly your heart freezes.
> Shining, too, jerks up in horror with his ears laid perfectly flat.
> "But Master, you said-"
> "I know. I changed my mind. You're coming home, Shining. I'll put in the transport order tomorrow, so you'll probably be on the road either then or the day after. And these calls-"
> His attention switches to Anonymous.
> "-you're out of them, or they aren't happening. Understand?"
> Anonymous frowns deeply.
> "You're asking a lot. I wouldn't have any way to know what they're saying at all."
> You resist the urge to roll your eyes at that.
> As he had so recently demonstrated, Anonymous was not whatsoever above surreptitiously listening in.
> "That's the point. I don't want you looming over Cadance's shoulder while my Shining is talking to her. And while I can appreciate that you took responsibility for what you did, I'm not dealing with another shock to Corona like that."
> A glance to Shining reveals that he looks just as you feel:
> Ears laid down, tail flat against his haunches.
> Eyes filled with shock.
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