The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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"Pardon me, sir, but... will I ever get to see him again? I... he is my husband. My love. I cannot go on without ever seeing him again... please."
> The face on the screen regards you with a mixture of concern and sadness.
> "He really has beaten you down, hasn't he...? We'll talk about the possibility of visits another time. Right now, I just want my Shiny safe and home, with no more problems."
> Talk about it.
> You've had just about enough of waiting for 'talking about it'.
> But what can you do?
> "Master - I can't just... leave her behind either!"
> "That's enough, Shiny. You're coming home, and then we can see about all this."
> Before the argument can grow worse, Anonymous steps in and raises a hand to halt both of you.
> "That's fine. Contact me when you have the information for transporting him. Glad to be able to work with you."
> He shoots Anonymous a dark look, but nods in agreement.
> "I will."
> Hesitating a moment, he looks back to your husband:
> "Shiny... I'm not trying to be cruel. I just want you back home, everyone safe and sound again. Okay?"
> "Yes, Master."
> Sighing at the stallion's muttered acknowledgement, he lets the screen go blank - leaving the three of you alone in the room.
> Immediately you are at Shining's side.
> Leaning into his neck, nickering softly, letting him know you were there.
> You hold that a few moments before finally letting him go with a sigh.
"Shining... can you go back to our quarters? I'll be along soon."
> This time, he doesn't argue.
> You ponder if it was wise, sending him to make the trip back alone - but he was no Mocha Cream.
> Shining Armor could stand up for himself, especially with his magic back.
> When he is gone your strength gives out:
> Everything you had been holding back to avoid letting him see, boiling up and rushing over you.
> Now it is Anonymous' turn to be there for you; kneeling at your side, he lifts a hand to put on your neck.
> "Cadance?"
"Will it ever end?"
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