The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Pulling from under his touch, you rear back enough to look him head-on.
"If you could free me right now... would you?"
> "There'd have to be recognition of Special Circumstances, or-"
"Forget that. Forget the laws, the rules, the expectations. If it was just your decision, would you free me? Would you let me choose my own path, go to see my family?"
> "I..."
> The words catch in his throat, indecisiveness sticking them there.
> His hand trembles with uncertainty.
> Like a window into his mind, his eyes show the thoughts churning and processing within.
> You suppose there ought to have been some comfort in that:
> Mere months ago he would have answered that you were to serve him, without question.
> Now, seeing your pain and your love has softened him.
> But right now, it does not feel like comfort.
> It feels like an affirmation:
> Despite all of that softening, he could not accept the idea of seeing you out of his grip.
> In the end, you were still a slave to him first and foremost.
"...I see. Thank you, Master, for answering honestly."
> He recoils, having realized too late the blow his non-answer had struck.
> "Cadance, wait-"
"No. I understand, Master. What was it you once told me? I am too important to this place for you to lose."
> Your eyes fall to the floor.
"Nonetheless, I would ask that I be allowed to take tomorrow off from work. To be with my Shining Armor, before he must go."
> "Of course, Cadance."
> He knows it won't make up for what he has just told you.
> But it is all the apology he can give.
> Turning for the door, you mope (or stumble) back into the camp.
> For a moment, almost by instinct, you draw your head up into something approximating your standard walk.
> Regal.
> Leader-like.
> But only for a moment.
> What was it Shining Armor had said?
> 'You're allowed to be a mare?'
> Well, that's all you are now:
> Not a princess, just a mare.
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