The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> Grieving for the looming loss of the family she had only just rediscovered.
> You trudge through the camp on heavy hooves.
> At this late hour of the night there are few ponies about to see you; those who do watch with expressions of concern and worry.
> No doubt tomorrow your condition would be fodder for the camp's rumor mill.
> Let them worry.
> You were fed up with having to put masks on over your emotions.
> This time - this one time - you could let them see the grief-stricken pony beneath.
> Shining Armor is already waiting for you in the quarters when you get there; avoiding a gallop straight into his embrace is all you can do.
> Instead you climb up beside Shining and settle against him.
> He nuzzles into your neck, breath puffing on your mane and whickering softly, while you lay your head across his hooves.
> A gesture of simple comfort:
> 'I am here.'
> That knowledge is something you throw yourself into:
> Relishing in the simple awareness of his closeness, bathing in it as if the feeling was something that could be harvested before he vanished again.
> "Cady?"
> Soft lips touch a spot behind your ear, drawing a flick from it.
"I'm tired of it, Shining. Every time I think we're finally getting somewhere - finally taking steps towards setting everything right - something else is taken."
> Rolling over, you peer up at his concerned eyes.
"Don't I ever get... ‘us’ again? Is that too much to ask for, to even get to pretend for a little while?"
> Leaning down, his lips softly meet yours.
> Not with desire, but as a tender touch of love.
> "Yes. We will, Cady. One day, we will - all three of us."
> On any other day you would have found this reassuring.
> Not today.
> Shining can tell, too.
"I... asked Anonymous. If he would free me, if he could - to let me be with you."
> You don't need to say what the answer was.
> It's plenty clear already.
> Cradling your head in his hooves, Shining frowns.
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