The trials and tribulations of managing your own personal pony village.
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> "That's why... I understand why you've made the choices you have about this place. I saw that well enough when he admitted what he'd done to Corona. But someone like him, he'll never be able to let go of seeing you as 'his'."
"I wish I could say you're wrong."
> "But Cadance: There are others. There are humans who don't see us like that. Gracie-"
> And here he winces.
> "-who I will have to explain myself to for leaving a friend behind. Megan. You are right about her - they will see how wrong this is."
"But will it be soon enough?"
> He doesn't have an answer.
> Neither do you.
> Eventually you find sleep in each others' hooves, but it is a fitful and turbulent sleep.
> A night loomed over by the specter of soon being torn from his side.
> By morning, you can tell Shining has had the same reaction.
> And you?
> You have had enough.
> If the end of this servitude is not in sight, then you refuse to let yourself be tossed about by it as a helpless victim.
"Shining, when does your Master go to work?"
> "Uh, not for another hour or so. Why?"
> Even with the timezone difference, there may still be time.
"By afternoon it might be too late; he might have put in the transport order for you. Come with me."
> Not until you slip through the front door of Anonymous' manor does he catch on to what you intend.
> Or maybe that is when he finally feels compelled to bring it up.
> "Cadance, what are you doing?! I think we'll run out of his good will very quickly if he catches us-"
"Anonymous will take a while to be dressed and have his breakfast. He won't be up in his study for a while."
> There's an edge to your voice.
> One that gives Shining pause; he hangs back at your flank.
> "What about Megan?"
"Not up for another half an hour."
> "The other house ponies?"
> Looking back, you brush your muzzle against his.
"They will not say anything. I know your nature is to guard, but please, Shining - trust me."
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